Valid until 28/02/2023

The “Kiwi House” property includes the main house “Os Ferrerinhos” and a second accommodation unit “O Lagar do Avô”, with independent use, which can accommodate a total of 15 guests in the two accommodations.

The main house was built in the 1930s and was more recently expanded and adapted for tourist accommodation, ensuring comfort conditions and sustainability principles in the management of energy, water and waste, but retaining several elements of authenticity of rural houses of the mid-twentieth century, namely furniture, windows, doors, floors and ceilings. The second building has a more modern construction but preserves in the living room an authentic wine press, which was used for decades by the family, and which today evokes the memory of the grandfather.

The property has been in the family for three generations and has been a family home and a regular meeting place for grandparents, children and grandchildren, especially at Christmas.